pure tuber old version apk | download pure tuber vip mod Latest

pure tuber old version apk | download pure tuber vip mod Latest

Pure Tuber Youtube Premium Mod

Pure Tuber Youtube Premium Mod
Pure Tuber Youtube Premium Mod

Pure Tuber Youtube Premium Mod Pure Tuber (MOD, Extra Features) Technical ATG YouTube is currently one of the most powerful video platforms, but at the same time, there are too many ads in each video if users do not use a premium account. Therefore, this article will introduce Pure Tuber,



Mod Features —

Dex unpacked and resources decrypted
Ultra compression
Disabled banner on exit
Double-click exit confirmation with notification
Auto-rotate activated, snapping to orientation only when you click the spread in the viewport
In landscape orientation, the display of the video list has been changed
Search for new versions is disabled
Removed all items in the profile window except settings
Removed unnecessary information in the text will share
Disabled toast notification about ad blocking
Disabled welcome window
Popular video notifications, quick search bar and auto-switching videos are disabled by default
Partial additional translation, as well as minor cleaning of forms in the interface
Privileges are forcibly unlocked.
Clickable links in comments
CPU: Arm-v7a, Arm64v8a

Modded by Technical ATG

YouTube is currently one of the most powerful video platforms, but at the same time, there are too many ads in each video if users do not use a premium account. Therefore, this article will introduce Pure Tuber, an application that uses the same YouTube database but has more advanced features for users to explore. Moreover, it is completely free, has no ads, and has extensive customization for users to manage the genres or content that they love.


Although the application uses the same database as YouTube, its interface and overall design are different, even superior, more flexible, and easier to interact with. However, it does not have a video upload function, but all other things are complete, promising users the best experience when watching millions of videos in the world. Technical ATG Mods Besides, the application will come with extensive customization, and users can freely personalize everything for a better user experience. That includes changing colors and interactions, even creating a new beauty or style for each choice in interface design. The application will also introduce more attractive options for users, and all of them have a big impact on other small details.


The most outstanding feature of the application is that it is completely free and does not have any ads compared to the original application. Therefore, users will never be interrupted while enjoying videos and stay away from ads forever. However, developers cannot build the application to integrate with the original application. Still, it gives users more novelty and even helps them easily interact with all content commonly and conveniently. While using, users can comfortably interact with the basic functions, and from there, discover great things and the smoothest experience without ads. Moreover, while watching videos, users can cast to linked devices to easily enjoy special content with



For users, video quality is always the top priority, no matter what they are enjoying. Fortunately, Pure Tuber is built with an intelligent AI, which automatically enhances the quality of the video and gives users a new experience. On top of that, all quality is unlocked, and users can easily watch any video in HD 4K. But, of course, the quality of the videos will remain the same even if the user casts the TV and watches them in various modes. In other words, this application will unlock new potential for users, including enhancing its overall video and audio quality.


One of YouTube’s biggest downsides is that it automatically stops all content when the user exits the app, so Pure Tuber introduces a function that works in the background. With that feature, people who like to listen to music will become more comfortable and free, can even do other things and listen to music for free and full of quality. On the contrary, if the user wants to watch multiple videos simultaneously, the windows function will make everything simpler and smoother. Moreover, all functions that improve the user experience can be freely customized, and users will always discover new possibilities when watching videos.


The great thing about the app is that users can comfortably use their familiar accounts to access more advanced functions. That includes comments, playlists, and synchronization in all user history. In addition, users can easily customize playlists and have more access to actions to interact with other users or videos. The nature of the application still uses YouTube’s database, so all activities will still be synchronized in real-time, and users can access the video viewing history to search for old or favorite content.


Pure Tuber will build integration with a feature that allows users to download the videos they love directly. It’s a nifty feature and wasn’t introduced in the original app, and users can even customize the downloader and change the quality of other video elements. On top of that, users can continue to watch downloaded videos in offline mode, and they can combine with other features to discover the great things that come from the application.

Pure Tuber is seen as an expanded version of YouTube, but it is more convenient for users to enjoy watching everything globally. Moreover, customization of the recommendation system will become smoother, and users can avoid content that is sensitive to themselves and more. In general, the application has many significant changes in giving users the best video viewing experience, even free and friendly for everyone.

Download Pure Tuber (MOD, Extra Features)

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