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kendriya vidyalaya study material Class XII Latest Study computer science

kendriya vidyalaya study material



Class XII Latest Study computer science






Kendriya Vidyalayas are not completely English medium schools, and hence students are not accustomed to complete English-speaking environment since childhood, like other private schools.

Students at KV are taught the importance of other languages as well, they have cultural competitions to promote unity, as there are students from every state and religion studying under the same roof.

They celebrate the Hindi-Pakwada to make sure children still understand the importance of Hindi, I guess its a good thing though, because children nowadays don’t even know the Hindi of simple words such as “Thankyou” or “Sorry” (do you?)

Other languages like Sanskrit and German, are also taught as optional in some schools.

But, they are also taught English as they should be, it then depends on the students how to pick it up. They have other subjects like Science and Mathematics being taught in English as well.

I think the reason why English is not being forcefully fed to students in KV is because its ideology really follows “Unity in Diversity”.

The aim is to expose students to different languages and cultures, that are the core essence of our country, rather than force them to follow a strict westernized English culture, because that doesn’t make sense does it?

But it is of course very important to learn English nowadays, because the world has changed, and if you don’t know the language, you’re basically judged as “illiterate”, but I hope people can appreciate other languages as well.

I wish someday someone asks a question like “Why are private school students not good at speaking Hindi?” I’d love to answer that haha.

Also, in the end, it is of course a rumor, people from KV can speak English just fine, one of the examples is me writing this answer!!


Kendriya Vidyalaya is an organisation of providing education facilities or we can say opportunities to students from all over India.It is a non-governmential body.It has a wide range of learning all activities apart from just book material.It deals with great sport curriculum which allows students to achieve their dreams of becoming great sportsmen; It deals with many social and cultural activities which helps in retaining our duties and rituals of Indian life.It has a unique style of running morning assembly of schools reminding and providing all days news and useful information of the nation and world.It have a varies in school uniform in a week.It believes in providing a good quality of knowledge and make successful to every student.The location of school is also determined after many analysis because many school are noticed to situated away from noise pollution area.Altogether it is a perfect place for gaining knowledge in a low cost.Every Year admission starts in April with limited seat.Finally it is a great place to enjoy


Class X kendriya vidyalaya study material Latest study material 2022-23


Class XII Latest Study Material 2022-23

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