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  • An Ultimate Guide to Canvas Fingerprinting

    An Ultimate Guide to Canvas Fingerprinting Did you realize that when you visit a website these days, the website owners may track you in various ways? According to Ghostery, a famous free software supplier, 79% of websites with unique domains gather user data. We’ve already discussed one such approach, known as browser fingerprinting. In this post, you’ll learn about the canvas fingerprint, which is one of the most inventive and effective ways to trace you. However, if you are concerned about your…

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  • proxyscrape

    Scrape websites without limits   Up to 40 000 datacenter proxies 99% uptime guarantee Unlimited bandwidth Residential proxies Residential proxies are a fantastic alternative to datacenter proxies. Residential proxies are less likely to be blocked on superior targets. Premioum proxies Are you tired of free proxies that always die? Do you want proxies that work and are online whenever you need them? Than you should try out ProxyScrape premium! Dedicated proxy Do you want proxies that are only used by…

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