• What is staffing

    What is staffing Meaning of Staffing \ Every organisation requires a number of persons for taking up different positions. The positions are created through the process of organisation and their occupants help in achieving the business objectives. The persons occupying different positions should have the ability to meet their requirements. Staffing basically involves matching jobs and individuals. It may be defined as filling, and keeping filled positions in the organisation structure. This may require functions like manpower planning, recruitment, selection,…

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  • Blogging SEO

    Google Said Bolded TEXT helps in SCO ranking

    Google Said Bolded TEXT helps in SCO ranking Google Said Bolded TEXT helps in SCO ranking Bolding important pieces of text in a paragraph can improve a webpage’s SEO and make the content easier for Google to understand. Google: Bolded Text Can Help Your SEO \ Google’s John Mueller confirms bolding important text in a paragraph can help your site’s SEO as it allows Google to understand the content better. This is stated during the Google Search Central SEO office-hours hangout recorded…

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  • Theories of business forecasting

    Theories of business forecasting Theories of Business Forecasting \ In the old time business forecasting were done only on the basis of experiences and assumptions. But in present time this work is done on the basis of scientific methods. The business forecasting is based mainly on the following points : (1) Action and Reaction theory: This theory is based on Newton’s third law of motion of physical sciences. According to this theory, “To every action there is always an equal…

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  • What is business forecasting

    What is business forecasting forecasting \ Concept of Forecasting According to Simpson and Kafka, “In statistics the term (forecasting) refers to the extending or projecting a time series into the future based on past behaviour of the quantitative data. According to Anderson; “A forecast is nothing more than an estimate of a future condition. Professor Neter and Wasserman, Stated. “Business forecasting refers to the statistical analysis of the past and current movements in the given time series so as to…

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  • What is objectives

    What is objectives Objectives \ The meaning of objectives Objectives When the top level management of an organisation clearly lays out the mission or goals of the establishment then the next step is to convert these into actual tasks. For this a mission is to be divided into small and workable objectives.Thus ordinarily objectives are those results or targets to achieve which any organisation works. They are the end points of an activity which has been well planned at the…

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  • Michael Porter’s Competitive analysis

    Michael Porter’s Competitive analysis No prospective entrepreneur can afford to ignore competitive factors. Study of competitive factors covers members of competing firms, their scale of operation, product range and features, prices channels of distribution, terms & conditions of sale etc. Michael E. Porter states the following four factors for the analysis of industry and competitors. \ 1. Existing and Potential Extrants- Various aspects studied are capital requirement, scale of operation,product differentiation, channels of distribution etc. 2.Bargaining Power of Buyers- Keeping…

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  • Businesses Strategy

    Businesses Strategy What is a Strategy? \ Businesses Strategy The term ‘Strategy’ is a military word. Mr. Hugh Macmillan and Mohan Tempoe rightly says “If we accept the anology that ‘business is a war, then military model of strategy can be an important starting point for an explora-tion of strategy. “The term “strategy” is seen from both traditional angle and modern angle. Traditional concept of strategy is the product of rational and logical planning process. In that sense, strategy is…

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